Our employment practice partners with clients to deliver advice, counsel and assistance to meet their workforce objectives.

With market and economic shifts, new technology, globalisation and global mobility, a demand for more flexible workforces and ever-increasing scrutiny of compliance and ethics, the employment and labour challenges for employers are greater than ever.

Whether you need assistance with acquisitions, outsourcings, expansions or reductions-in-force, local or international employee relations, data privacy or data protection, local, cross-border or collective litigation, local or multi-jurisdictional compliance and risk management, disciplinary follow up (issuing of warnings, notice of dismissals or summary dismissals) we have the experience and we can help.

Together with our global employment team we partner with our clients, wherever they do business, to find solutions and manage risk in relation to their employment, incentives and pensions legal challenges and objectives.

Our clients range from startups to emerging multinationals and some of the biggest and best known global brands in the world. We work with our clients locally, internationally and across borders. Our global reach and local knowledge means that we can partner with clients to drive consistency, deliver cost savings and help them identify and manage their priorities and risk across multiple locations.


A smooth reorganisation, restructuring, outsourcing or reduction in force hinges on early identification of a clear labour strategy, a sensible understanding of how that strategy affects the commercial aspects of the proposed change proposal and the development of a systematic approach to implementation.

When business change occurs, it is essential to avoid problems and start benefiting from the change as quickly as possible. We help clients achieve this by understanding the issues involved early on, developing effective plans to deal with these issues and executing the plans in a methodical, yet flexible and cost-effective way, based on our experience across a variety of industries and sectors. Our approach seeks to align the complex labour risks inherent in many processes with the key commercial drivers for those processes. To our mind, a successful change process takes place on time, on budget and with minimal disruption from a labour perspective. We help our clients to achieve all three things.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Employers turn to our team of experienced litigators to represent their interests. Through innovative dispute resolution strategies and effective case management, we aim to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation or arbitration proceedings, or through alternative methods, such as mediation.

Pension and reward

The issue of how to properly reward and motivate management and staff at all levels whilst satisfying other key stakeholders is one which concerns most organizations. Market conditions may mean that people can make the difference between success and failure.

Our team comprises of pension specialists, employment lawyers and tax advisers, who have considerable experience in developing and implementing cost-efficient reward, compensation arrangements and incentive schemes tailored to each client’s unique human resource and corporate strategy.

Our highly respected teams work together on executive and employee compensation arrangements to provide a one-stop integrated service.

Protecting business assets

Confidential information is often one of the most valuable assets of a business. In this challenging economic climate, there has never been a greater need for employers to protect that information.

Changes within the workplace have given rise to new challenges in protecting confidential information, particularly with the growth of new technology and social media. With employees bringing their own electronic devices to work and social media allowing employees access to client contact information both inside and outside work, it makes protecting confidential information a constantly evolving area.

We advise our clients regularly on these issues to plan the best approach for their business and partner with them through implementation protection strategies and beyond.


The growing global focus on anti-corruption and corporate misconduct, data privacy, business and supply chain ethics, as well as aggressive enforcement by regulatory authorities puts compliance at the top of many of our clients’ agendas. Robust compliance programmes are more important now than ever to reduce employment legal risk.

We advise our clients regularly on these issues to plan the best approach for their business and partner with them through implementation and beyond.