Information about the coronavirus

Guidance on legal implications of COVID-19

The outbreak and spread of coronavirus COVID-19 represents one of the most significant global public health crisis over the last decade. This pandemic is causing major disruptions and leading to severe consequences for the general public, health systems, economies and societies in the affected countries. Although some sectors have had to confront significant challenges early in the pandemic, for many businesses the impact of COVID-19 remains unknown.

DLA Piper provides advice and support to affected businesses, and we are looking ahead to ensure we stand ready to assist clients with what comes next.

DLA Piper will continue to share articles with guidance on the legal as well as other practical aspects relating to coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact. 

Please contact your DLA Piper partner should you have any questions or require legal advice on any COVID-19 related issues.

More articles are available on our Norwegian language site.